Evaluating Health Conditions in Dogs

by Rob Sutter

In order for dog owners to be as capable at caring for their animals as possible, they must understand when certain conditions rise to the surface. A simple change in behavior, like a more distant personality, may come across as unusual. The same can be said for a lack of appetite. Regardless, those who make the effort to attain the best education imaginable will be the ones who will not only understand the most common health-related conditions in dogs but the ways in which these can be helped.

To put it simply, each of these conditions have their own solutions, some of them more recognizable than others. As a result, it's important for veterinary students and graduates to understand how these can be treated. In order to go about such a process, here are evaluations of some of the most typical conditions dogs may fall under.

Worms - The best way to describe worms, in dogs, are internal parasites that can create a massive amount of discomfort. In addition, if they're allowed to sustain themselves, worms can result in a rougher coat of fur, for many dogs, as well as digestive problems. Fortunately, this is where a trip to the veterinarian can come into play. He or she will be able to evaluate the condition of a dog with extensive medical knowledge, in addition to a few checkups, of course. Keep in mind that worms can become an even more serious problem, if given time, so focusing on this issue as soon as possible will save your own pet a tremendous amount of discomfort.

Hot Spots - An allergic reaction seen in quite a few dogs, hot spots indicate skin irritation that occurs almost spontaneously. On the surface, your dog's skin may appear red or raw, which shows the impacted areas they will wind up focusing on the most. When an individual's dog scratches or licks themselves around these spots, it'll be in that individual's best interest to seek medical advice. As a veterinarian, you may recommend a medical shampoo to be used on a regular basis. It’s also possible for hot spots to be alleviated through the prevention of biting or licking with the use of a collar. If the proper care is taken, these hot spots should fade in time.

Wobblers - In general terms, Wobbler syndrome is a condition that occurs within the cervical spines of dogs. In most cases, this happens to bigger breeds, though it seems as though this can occur with any breed, regardless of size. Wobbler syndrome targets the body in such a way that not only results in neck pain but a wobbly walk, hence the name. In order to reduce the risk of Wobblers, dog owners should make note of nutrition. Specifically, early on in the lives of their pets, dog owners should focus on nutrients like calcium and maintain the amount of calories they consume from day to day. If this is done, Wobblers will stand a lesser chance of developing.

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